My Work

Handmade Beaded and Silver Jewelry
Fine Silver

I make my silver pieces from Metal Clay, which is a combination of fine silver and an organic binder. In its original form Metal Clay has a clay-like look and feel.  The binder is fired away in a kiln at high temperatures, leaving the tiny pieces of fine silver sintered together in a solid piece.

Argentium 930 Silver

I make ear wires from Argentium silver and sterling silver, by hand. Argentium contains no nickel; people with allergies to sterling silver, which contains nickel, should have no problems with it. Argentium Silver is tarnish resistant.


Sometimes I attach a thin layer of 24-carat gold sheet to my silver pieces, using an ancient Korean technique called Keum-Boo. This bonds the gold to the silver through heat and pressure.


I use many kinds of beads, mostly glass. Some glass beads are handmade by local artists, but most I have purchased in my travels around the world. Many of my beads are from a small town in the Czech Republic where most of the residents make their living creating beads. I also use Heishi beads, a shell-based bead in small disk or tube form, originating from the Pueblo Native American tribe of the Southwestern United States.

Off-loom Bead Weaving

Done with a needle and thread, bead weaving allows for the creation of all kinds of beaded shapes.

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