Book Review: Suzanne Golden Presents/Interviews with 36 artists who innovate with beads

Opening this book is like walking into a beautiful and inviting gallery, all filled with beadwork! I discovered many artists for the first time in this book, and am delighted to have found them now. Each artist presented displays a unique body of work, both impressive and stimulating. Ideas float around each page, making for a very exciting 'stroll' through the gallery. Golden's interviews are particularly interesting for us bead lovers as she asks the featured artists those questions we'd love to ask them ourselves. This collection of so many admirable pieces alongside the artists' commentary make this an awe-inspiring work. Suzanne Golden Presents!: Interviews with 36 Artists Who Innovate with Beads Suzanne Golden

About Ziva Designs

Software engineer by training, I decided to pursue my lifelong love of art and jewelry-making after many years of working as a program manager in a large corporation. One satisfied customer told me that when she sees herself in the mirror wearing a pair of earrings I made, she smiles. I hope that my unique pieces will make you smile too each time you put them on. All my work is one-of-a-kind or limited edition, handmade by me. Below is some information on the materials I use.
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