In the heart of the city

Cancer Survivors Garden

Randolph St., between Michigan Ave and Columbus Dr., in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, there it is;  A gorgeous iron gate in a beautiful garden called " Cancer Survives Garden".
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Louis Sullivan: Bank teller window

Another beautiful day in Chicago deserving of a tour. Sullivan is known as the "Father of skyscrapers" although the tallest building he ever designed was only seventeen floors. He also never finished college (he thought he already knew what they could possibly teach him, how humble!). Many of his buildings were demolished but good and caring people preserved artifacts which are on display in the Museum of Art. I was impressed with the  steel bank teller window - so inviting and beautiful. He used this very same design on the top of the entrance to the Carson store on Madison and State. The end of his life was very sad. Sullivan died penniless in a small hotel room. He just refused to adopt to change and was only willing to design his style. Lesson learned?

Bank teller window

Carsons Pirie Scott (department store)

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Chicago April 2011

On Saturday we took the Streetwall (On Michigan Ave between Randolf and Roosevelt) tour with the Architecture Foundation. The weather was perfect for a nice walk.  Here are some pictures Rod took, just to give you a taste of our beautiful city.

Michigan Ave & Congress PKW

Hilton on Michigan Ave

Hilton - Inside

Buckingham Fountain

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My new on line store

I am so excited about Three Sisters' Marketplace! It is a juried on-line store and I was accepted! Check it out – it is sleek and pleasant to the eye and above all they sell handmade only! Three Sisters Market
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Almost done

It is amazing that technology has developed so much that putting up a new website is not difficult. Once you master it, the second one will be much faster. What is even more fun is that your website is your blog too! How convenient. Well, this is my first shot. I am sure I will change everything but for now I am content.
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Welcome to my new web site!

While I am trying to figure out how to make this page my own, I thought I would tell you about myself. So, who am I? A software engineer by training, I decided to pursue my lifelong love of art and jewelry-making after many years of working as a program manager in a large corporation. One satisfied customer told me that when she sees herself in the mirror wearing a pair of earrings I made, she smiles. I hope that my unique pieces will make you smile too each time you put them on. All my work is one-of-a-kind or limited edition, handmade by me.
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