Visiting China

Kind of late but I had an entry I never posted so here are some pictures from our visit to China last September. Although we took many pictures I was most impressed with the people and how they lived. The parks are filled with the elderly dancing, playing music, sing and everything else in between. Yet, in rural areas old women were working in construction  carrying stones on their backs walking back and force all the day.

Street food markets are very popular but we were not brave enough to try any of it. We were told by our guides that western stomachs might not take it well.

There is one major problem that needs to be addressed. Public restrooms are horrifying! Enough said!

IMG_6892 IMG_6888 IMG_6886 IMG_6882


Exercising in the park


Night food market


Hard at walking?



Beijing Food Market

Jewish Museum, Shanghai


Playing in the park

IMG_6114 IMG_6055 IMG_6085

If you happen to need a shoe repair

IMG_5971 IMG_5855 IMG_5756 20140915_122542 IMG_5802 20140915_124009 20140915_124002 IMG_5698  IMG_5468 IMG_5415 IMG_5357 IMG_5309

They will carry you to top of the mountain


Buddha, we climbed to the top


The terracotta warriors of Qin Shi Huang

IMG_4954 Street food market

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10 Buildings that changed America

What a facinating documentry from PBS!

I have always loved architecture and this movie is right up my alley. It is so good that I wanted to share.  Here is the link:


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Black Hawks Championship Celebration

Our city is so proud! Look at how many people showed up in Hutchinson Field in Grant Park. Michigan Ave, State St. and Wabash Ave down town Chicago were only open to pedestrians, this was so much fun!  The city was really in a celebratory mood that was apparent  everywhere. Blackhawks Championship Celebration Blackhawks Championship Celebration
Black Hawks Championship Celebration

Grant Park Chicago

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Book Review: Suzanne Golden Presents/Interviews with 36 artists who innovate with beads

Opening this book is like walking into a beautiful and inviting gallery, all filled with beadwork! I discovered many artists for the first time in this book, and am delighted to have found them now. Each artist presented displays a unique body of work, both impressive and stimulating. Ideas float around each page, making for a very exciting 'stroll' through the gallery. Golden's interviews are particularly interesting for us bead lovers as she asks the featured artists those questions we'd love to ask them ourselves. This collection of so many admirable pieces alongside the artists' commentary make this an awe-inspiring work. Suzanne Golden Presents!: Interviews with 36 Artists Who Innovate with Beads Suzanne Golden
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Our latest visit

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Teaching beginner beading classes

Come join me and learn to make your own beadweaving bracelet! I am teaching two different beadweaving techniques at the McCord Gallery and Cultural Center on 11/3. Here are the links to both classes: Spiral Rope Bracelet Odd-Peyote Bracelet McCord Gallery and Cultural Center: 9602 W. Creek Road Palos Park, IL 60464 Hope to see you there!
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Puerto Rico

When we planned our February winter escape to Puerto Rico we did not get the memo on how awesome the weather in Chicago would be.  Oh well, it was fabulous to come home and still feel like on vacation weather. Our trip was wonderful and the weather? It does not get any better!
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Bryce and Zion National Parks

Pictures from our wonderful vacation Zion National Park Bryce National Park  
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Chicago’s theater district

It is heart breaking to learn how many theaters were demolished in the district. Here is a picture of one theater that was saved thanks to the people of Chicago.

Inside the theater

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Frank Lloyd Wright

What a nice surprise! On a tour with a local tour company we were invited to see a Frank Lloyd Wright house, which has been lived in by the same family for almost two decades. The house is beautifully resorted and decorated with many pieces influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s style. The dinning room table is almost a full replica and was made to order for the house owner (proud people who invited us to take pictures). What a tribute to a great American architect!
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